27 Μαρτίου 2012

Let the Parliament burn!

Let the Parliament burn!

Which is the main idea of parliamentarism?
Let us explain it in a simple way:
Imagine someone who owns a car in order to satisfy his everyday needs but due to the fact that he is not able to drive(either for physical incapability or he is not allowed to), he is forced to hire -choose a driver for some years.
He looks for an employee and he is faced with 10 candidates and each one of these candidates presents his capabilities in order to gain the favor of the car owner (The one is old the other is young!!!)
Finally the car owner chooses one candidate.
But from the moment that the car owner makes his decision, the conditions of his transportation will be set entirely from the car driver(the conditions are set from a few morons in order to satisfy always the interests of the minority)
 In simple words the car driver will be the one to decide for everything and will enforce when and where the car owner will go.

So, although the car owner will need to go to the hospital, the car driver will transfer him in an other place etc. The car driver is not an employee any more, not a servant but he is turned to a pimp of the car owner.

In the same time the car owner has neither  right and power to give orders to the driver or to check him about his actions( the fact that the driver drives him in different places from the one that the owner desires) nor can he go to the police or to the courts, in order to find justice or to discharge him at  any time, as the police  and justice are set in such  a way to obey the commands of the driver and not the owner's. (“insane?” But that happens nowadays from the central government, municipalities and  even in small societies.)

If we replace in our example  the owner of the car with the working citizens and then we replace  the car with the ministries and the other institutions and in the end if we replace the driver with the government( prime-minister, ministers) then we have a clear picture  about the main causes of the temporal  absolute failure of oligarchic systems( parliamentary  and military) to satisfy the basic needs of  working people in national and international terms although they are totally successful in satisfying needs and vices of  very few members of the society.(Additionally the exact same situation repeats in municipalities and in all societies of the current system).

In the contrary, in the Real Democracy, in the “direct”, “working” Democracy ,the owner is the one to decide when and where he wants to go and the driver should execute the orders of the owner.

Additionally, the owner has the ability to control the driver and to enforce the penalties of the Law if the driver does not conform to his orders  and the driver will be re-callable at any time.

Finally the driver stops to be the Lord and he is just an executive mean.

Nowadays as we can see the parliamentary governments who are the minority of the citizens do whatever they want to the majority of the citizens all over the world. our country, Greece over the75% of the people are against International Monetary Fund (ΔΝΤ) but the political dictatorship  of modern  fascists of PASOK wants to enforce (IMF).82% of people are against the law about the increase of the age that someone should get in pension but all the oligarchic governments want to enforce it by all means etc.

If finally we search a little more, we will discover that almost none of the laws that the supporters of oligarchy vote in the parliaments all over the world is desirable from the majority of the citizens.(From around the recently voted 1000 laws in every country , the majority of the people is in favor of not even 2 or 3 of them).

Political dictatorship we have and in our country rules the new fascist government of PASOK.
The same political dictatorships rule also in all the countries of the world.
The political system of parliamentarism is in such a strong relationship with democracy as a dinosaur could have with a mosquito.

They name it democracy  in order to rule our mind and our behavior.

But also we expect nothing any more from any oligarchic  party. If we expected anything , it would be as if we expected from robbers to be arrested and put themselves in jail.

The source of the universal economical and social crisis (in one word) is the existence of  this relationship which seems like a pimp who comes to take the money in all parts of life( in social and working relationships). From our point of you the solution is the urgent turnover  of this relationship in every country worldwide.

Let us  think more seriously on this question:
Who are these pimps, these modern Fascists who are wearing the “Mask of Democracy” and try to impose  their own will against the will of the majority. Who are these self-called saviors?
This mean that this 10-15 % determined and will determine our lives forever?
Because this small minority  will try to implement through violence these predatory  measures which lead the working-force in our country  and all over the world  with accuracy ,to the absolute
Why this small minority destroys all the time our dreams?
(Using the abuse of power from the  police, judges and Media  etc. they will do anything to implement these)
why should our life be determined from a few bustards, who are always a small minority in every society?
(the fact that a minority can always impose  her will, some political-economical smart asses call this
Why they compel people not to decide  themselves about each law?